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I have seven drafts for posts I’ve wanted to publish but haven’t felt like it. Why? Who knows. I do know that I’ve been going in the right direction with what I want to do in my life but I’m going too slowly. Anyways, time to post


Silence (Rambling Post)

One light, keeping my ability to see. My ability to flinch at every movement I see out of the side of my eye. My ability to sit around and stare at a bright screen talking to myself. My ability to freak out to whatever bothers me.

One noise, keeping my ability to overthink. My ability to think about who I want to ask to play a game with me so they can say no and I’ll feel like I’m annoying them. My ability to think about how I haven’t talked to her in a week and how I’m the biggest prick I know. My ability to freak out to whatever bother me.

Whether it’s one person, two people, or the world, I’m gonna keep posting on this blog. Even if I’m the one person who consistently views these, you know? These posts are more for me anyways. Kinda just typing of the top of my head, which is what I usually do but I’m in a mood so it’s harder for me to bring thoughts to the surface. I don’t know what to do. No one’s home and I don’t have the strength to focus enough to play a video game, I probably wouldn’t even if I could. I don’t know. It’s too quiet in here. I don’t like it. As much as I love silence when it’s loud, I hate silence when I have it. I already have trouble ignoring my thoughts when I can’t hear them but when I can hear each layer all the time, it’s awful. I’m blasting music through my headset but all it’s giving me is a bigger headache than the one my thoughts already are. I hate this. This is awful. I don’t need silence around me anywhere close to how badly I need silence in me.


Fuck Silence.

How To Handle My Handle But Not In A Weird Way.

I’m gonna update my website itself with information on other forms of media I use, if you want to support me, I would appreciate it. Just thought I’d make an actual post so you guys are more likely to look. Thanks.


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Series Aren’t Series Sunday

Same day, same hour, pretty close title. Something I’ve considered recently, multiple times, are about video game series nowadays. I really mean that it’s crazy that sequels are no longer about a consistent story or plot, even a background with the same history. Now, the brand is less about what’s important for a brand but more about just… gameplay. Let me use my universal Ubisoft example. Far Cry has really changed in story, timeline, and location… but what’s stayed the same? The gameplay. That is pretty much the only thing that’s still Far Cry but the thing is, I’m talking about Far Cry 3 gameplay. Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry Primal have the EXACT same gameplay, minus the modern weaponry on the last one. Far Cry 5 is still looking pretty similar to those ones though. The first Far Cry is the odd one out. It’s sooo much more different than ANY of the other titles but it’s also the FIRST one, they practically gave up on it immediately. Far Cry 2 is significantly closer to the rest of the series but still has a LOT of differences in gameplay and story. I don’t know, you know?


(still gonna buy 5 though)


l8r sk8rs

Sunday Shower- (It’s A Work In Progress, Okay?)

I was wondering how to kinda shoehorn in a joke or a ironic statement, (which I count as a joke,) about how I haven’t posted in a while but, it’s been about two and a half weeks which isn’t as bad as I thought. Still awful and something I should change buuuuut, not as bad as ‘I’ thought. (After writing this, I realized this ‘is’ the ironic statement that I had a brief life-ruining dilemma about. Funny enough, this ironic statement is trapped inside an ironic statement of me saying that I had to think of one.)

But I digress, way too much digression going down here. (Is that a word? Look it up) This amateurishly titled post is something I might start doing, iiiif I can keep up with posting at all. (Another Ironic Statement) Ever since I actually thought about it, I’ve been noticing me doing it a lot more. Whether it’s the power of influence, placebo effect, or me just now noticing what I’ve been doing for years… I don’t know. Add it to the list of questions about me that I can’t answer. All this filler text isn’t really any preparation nor any ramp leading to a sudden drop. It’s about me thinking too much, but, in the shower! (Maybe I should do a new daily thing for every location I think. Blue in Bed, Comprehending in Chair. Or, how about just a funny name no matter the location? Migraine Mondays, Will You Please Put A Bullet In My Head Wednesday. I might be on to something. Add it to the list of things I’ll forget.) /That list is infinite\ (Now, who said that? That’s what I thought.)

I’ve already spent most of this single page rambling so I’ll very shortly list off what I thought about.

1: Modern Medicine: (Sounds like one of those alliteration themes I was talking about earlier up the page, huh? I’m good at this.) I was thinking about how with how far we’ve gotten in modern medicine, we’ve spent most of our existence not using science, you know? At one point if you used science, you’d get legally murdered… you know, for being a witch or something… yeah. We’ve barely gotten anywhere with it.

2: Sunday Shower: I don’t think I should be allowed to explain it again, too many terrible joke opportunities.

3: Something Else: (Somebody! Bring the list! I’ve forgotten what I had an in-depth discussion with myself twenty minutes ago about!)   /Yeah, I figured you’d need it. I would call the Air Force but they don’t have a plane big enough to carry it!\ (Yeah… uh huh. You’re real funny, if you weren’t a vital part of this process, I’d cut your oxygen off.) /You look like a part…\


That’s about all I got. Short-Term Memory Loss is a real pain, isn’t it?

l8r sk8rs


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about my blog. I would love to say that I’ve been working on something in the mean time but I haven’t. I would love to say that anything different has happened in my life but that is also not true. Life has just been boring. I haven’t had too much on my mind recently, it’s either I haven’t been thinking too much or I’ve completely forgotten every thought that’s sped past in my brain. Both are completely reasonable. I’m glad though, haven’t had too many headaches recently. But I also haven’t been talking to too many friends, only a few over this span of around a month. So, maybe since I’m not worrying as much about my friends, potential friends, and their thoughts, I’m not thinking as much. 

I just felt like writing today, maybe starting a new thing but I might forget that idea too. Thanks.

                                l8r sk8rs

Trying (Just Some Stuff About Me)

I noticed that a lot of people enjoy fully completing games that they play. All achievements/trophies, collectibles, side events/missions, and other… stuff. I don’t get it personally. I’ll beat a game and then never play it again until I watch someone else play it and get all hyped or I think “Oh my god, that happens in the game? How much am I forgetting or with what I do remember, how much is actually true?” I play it again, have a good time, beat it, and then never play it again until I watch someone else play it and I get hyped to play it, realize how much I forget, yada-yada-yada. Just continuously repeat, I have pretty bad memory, obviously. But yeah, I don’t really 100% video games that I play, nor I have ever actually done one, nor have I tried. But, I don’t really try at all with games. I’ll play Rainbow Six Siege ranked with the boi’s and I don’t really care about the rank or the stats. I play the game for fun but with a LOT of cases, I’ll get pretty mad, as if I ‘was’ try-harding. That’s just the way I am though. Oh well. I wonder if more people try at games than don’t try, what’s the ratio? That’s about it. Good talk guys, see you l8r sk8rs.