What’s Happened Recently (An Excuse That Kinda Works)

So, today is Monday and this happened Friday. We’ve yet to confirm why this happened or whether it will happen again but it seems likely. I was working on schoolwork, reading a book titled “Beware of the Dog.” I was reading about how he was noticing details that lead to him believing he isn’t safe and all of a sudden I get light headed but it isn’t in my head. I get a light headed feeling in my eyes and my eyes start losing all depth perception. I can’t focus on anything, they all look blurry. I look back at the book and something skipped, I was on a completely different page. That’s when I blacked out, I wake up strapped to a gurney in a very bumpy ambulance. I could recognize pretty fast where I was and what was happening, just not why. After I realized I was on a different page, I had a seizure and blacked out. Spent a lot of Friday in the ER and the weekend in pain because my arms and legs hurt, and still do, so bad. Can barely walk or pick myself up when I’m lying down. So yeah, I’m in pain and had a seizure. I’ll try to do some posts about my upset opinions but I might not. Either way, thanks guys.

Author: Foot God

Not much you need to know about me. I'm not as important or, I hope, interesting as my thoughts.

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