Explanation, or Excuse, Whatever You Guys Prefer.

Apologies, my writing style has changed recently. I haven’t done a lot of my other person who sasses me or explains better than me in parenthesis, (like this.) Or I haven’t done stuff with it being numbered or separated like 

1: This.

I haven’t been using my computer recently. I’ve been using my phone and tablet which have significantly smaller keyboard, and I’m a big dude, so it’s soooo much harder to type fast and not mess up. It’s takes a while to delete and retype what I’m writing where I’m happy with it. Not big on typos that are obvious to me. Anyways, just wanted to apologize that I’m not as professional (for me) as I have been. Next time I hop on dat PC, I’ll get better. Promise. Thanks guys. 

l8r sk8rs

Author: Foot God

Not much you need to know about me. I'm not as important or, I hope, interesting as my thoughts.

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