Writing. (Weirdly Enough, It’s More About “How” Than What You’d Expect)

I got a desktop computer, and by “got,” I mean, “I’ve had one and that’s what I use to write” so I didn’t just receive one. But… it’s a desktop. When I go out or cannot use my computer at the time, I can’t write. I have a phone but I really don’t like typing on handheld devices, they hurt my hands, I have frequent typos in my writing, and they sometimes lag, (leading to typos.) Listen, before you start being like, “Yeah, uh huh, whatever.” I type pretty well on a keyboard, alright. Back off dawg. Anyways. I put “Anyways” in this post but after thinking for a few minutes, I think that’s pretty much it. I can’t think of anything else. So… how are you guys?

I’ll stop here because I don’t have anything else to say. Thanks guys.

-l8r sk8rs

Author: Foot God

Not much you need to know about me. I'm not as important or, I hope, interesting as my thoughts.

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