Series Aren’t Series Sunday

Same day, same hour, pretty close title. Something I’ve considered recently, multiple times, are about video game series nowadays. I really mean that it’s crazy that sequels are no longer about a consistent story or plot, even a background with the same history. Now, the brand is less about what’s important for a brand but more about just… gameplay. Let me use my universal Ubisoft example. Far Cry has really changed in story, timeline, and location… but what’s stayed the same? The gameplay. That is pretty much the only thing that’s still Far Cry but the thing is, I’m talking about Far Cry 3 gameplay. Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry Primal have the EXACT same gameplay, minus the modern weaponry on the last one. Far Cry 5 is still looking pretty similar to those ones though. The first Far Cry is the odd one out. It’s sooo much more different than ANY of the other titles but it’s also the FIRST one, they practically gave up on it immediately. Far Cry 2 is significantly closer to the rest of the series but still has a LOT of differences in gameplay and story. I don’t know, you know?


(still gonna buy 5 though)


l8r sk8rs

Author: Foot God

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