Sunday Shower- (It’s A Work In Progress, Okay?)

I was wondering how to kinda shoehorn in a joke or a ironic statement, (which I count as a joke,) about how I haven’t posted in a while but, it’s been about two and a half weeks which isn’t as bad as I thought. Still awful and something I should change buuuuut, not as bad as ‘I’ thought. (After writing this, I realized this ‘is’ the ironic statement that I had a brief life-ruining dilemma about. Funny enough, this ironic statement is trapped inside an ironic statement of me saying that I had to think of one.)

But I digress, way too much digression going down here. (Is that a word? Look it up) This amateurishly titled post is something I might start doing, iiiif I can keep up with posting at all. (Another Ironic Statement) Ever since I actually thought about it, I’ve been noticing me doing it a lot more. Whether it’s the power of influence, placebo effect, or me just now noticing what I’ve been doing for years… I don’t know. Add it to the list of questions about me that I can’t answer. All this filler text isn’t really any preparation nor any ramp leading to a sudden drop. It’s about me thinking too much, but, in the shower! (Maybe I should do a new daily thing for every location I think. Blue in Bed, Comprehending in Chair. Or, how about just a funny name no matter the location? Migraine Mondays, Will You Please Put A Bullet In My Head Wednesday. I might be on to something. Add it to the list of things I’ll forget.) /That list is infinite\ (Now, who said that? That’s what I thought.)

I’ve already spent most of this single page rambling so I’ll very shortly list off what I thought about.

1: Modern Medicine: (Sounds like one of those alliteration themes I was talking about earlier up the page, huh? I’m good at this.) I was thinking about how with how far we’ve gotten in modern medicine, we’ve spent most of our existence not using science, you know? At one point if you used science, you’d get legally murdered… you know, for being a witch or something… yeah. We’ve barely gotten anywhere with it.

2: Sunday Shower: I don’t think I should be allowed to explain it again, too many terrible joke opportunities.

3: Something Else: (Somebody! Bring the list! I’ve forgotten what I had an in-depth discussion with myself twenty minutes ago about!)   /Yeah, I figured you’d need it. I would call the Air Force but they don’t have a plane big enough to carry it!\ (Yeah… uh huh. You’re real funny, if you weren’t a vital part of this process, I’d cut your oxygen off.) /You look like a part…\


That’s about all I got. Short-Term Memory Loss is a real pain, isn’t it?

l8r sk8rs

Author: Foot God

Not much you need to know about me. I'm not as important or, I hope, interesting as my thoughts.

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