Writing. (Weirdly Enough, It’s More About “How” Than What You’d Expect)

I got a desktop computer, and by “got,” I mean, “I’ve had one and that’s what I use to write” so I didn’t just receive one. But… it’s a desktop. When I go out or cannot use my computer at the time, I can’t write. I have a phone but I really don’t like typing on handheld devices, they hurt my hands, I have frequent typos in my writing, and they sometimes lag, (leading to typos.) Listen, before you start being like, “Yeah, uh huh, whatever.” I type pretty well on a keyboard, alright. Back off dawg. Anyways. I put “Anyways” in this post but after thinking for a few minutes, I think that’s pretty much it. I can’t think of anything else. So… how are you guys?

I’ll stop here because I don’t have anything else to say. Thanks guys.

-l8r sk8rs

Explanation, or Excuse, Whatever You Guys Prefer.

Apologies, my writing style has changed recently. I haven’t done a lot of my other person who sasses me or explains better than me in parenthesis, (like this.) Or I haven’t done stuff with it being numbered or separated like 

1: This.

I haven’t been using my computer recently. I’ve been using my phone and tablet which have significantly smaller keyboard, and I’m a big dude, so it’s soooo much harder to type fast and not mess up. It’s takes a while to delete and retype what I’m writing where I’m happy with it. Not big on typos that are obvious to me. Anyways, just wanted to apologize that I’m not as professional (for me) as I have been. Next time I hop on dat PC, I’ll get better. Promise. Thanks guys. 

l8r sk8rs

What’s Happened Recently (An Excuse That Kinda Works)

So, today is Monday and this happened Friday. We’ve yet to confirm why this happened or whether it will happen again but it seems likely. I was working on schoolwork, reading a book titled “Beware of the Dog.” I was reading about how he was noticing details that lead to him believing he isn’t safe and all of a sudden I get light headed but it isn’t in my head. I get a light headed feeling in my eyes and my eyes start losing all depth perception. I can’t focus on anything, they all look blurry. I look back at the book and something skipped, I was on a completely different page. That’s when I blacked out, I wake up strapped to a gurney in a very bumpy ambulance. I could recognize pretty fast where I was and what was happening, just not why. After I realized I was on a different page, I had a seizure and blacked out. Spent a lot of Friday in the ER and the weekend in pain because my arms and legs hurt, and still do, so bad. Can barely walk or pick myself up when I’m lying down. So yeah, I’m in pain and had a seizure. I’ll try to do some posts about my upset opinions but I might not. Either way, thanks guys.

Collection of Things. (An Opinion Post) (Yep) (Mainly Ubi)

Hooooonestly duuude. There’s a good amount I want to discuss but there are already quite a lot of people covering some of this stuff so I don’t want to hop on the bandwagon of repeating the same facts and same opinions for so long. I’ll quickly address and explain the background of the subject and then address my feelings about the bigger problem. 

1: Advertisements (Not Really A Problem)

 I watch YouTube probably more than I play video games but that’s because I don’t own every game available so I watch other people play them. Or if it’s the person I prefer, John, it’s not like I live with them so I watch them to hear their jokes and watch their reactions. I have no problem with them running advertisements on their channel, promoting their merchandise, or doing a promotion for their video they’re getting paid for. I know it’s generally used as a joke but in reference for those who use it seriously, I don’t think that they’ve sold out. Professional sports player, with their MULTI-MILLION dollar contracts, still appear in the advertisements on YouTube. Most YouTubers don’t get paid nearly that much so I have no problem not using ad block or supporting them for stuff like that.  

2: Microtransactions (Just Generally Slimy Actions)

I get it. You need money for the money you spent making the game and putting an actual effort in. I mean, if you made a good game and put an actual effort in then, for the most part, the sales should deal with that problem. I get it, you want more money for the billions that you already have. I mean seriously, stop. 

3: Ubi-Slackin (My Favorite Company)

Ubisoft, I don’t like you. That’s an opinion I’m free to have. It’s also an opinion that many people have and are allowed to. We believe this for many reasons but I think one word to sum up why we dislike you guys is easily “insanity.” Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again expecting shit to change. That is crazy. Ubi, I understand you have different branches for different locations but each one has let us down. With downgrades that are too obvious for you to say they didn’t happen, games being generally bad, or you not listening. People tell you what’s wrong. Try watching videos of people playing Siege and look at problems that you can fix almost immediately instead of “trying” to fix hitreg. You keep nerfing the wrong things and buffing the wrong things. You don’t even fix general bugs that ruin gameplay thus resulting in ruined ranks. I play Siege casually and when I start playing Ranked, I, and my ENTIRE TEAM, get a glitch where we’re deaf. Can’t hear breaches, gunshots, footsteps. The only thing we could hear was Mute’s Signal Disruptor AND NOBODY WAS EVEN PLAYING MUTE. “The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, I shot him. The thing is… he was right. And then I started seeing everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked all these fucking pricks, everywhere I looked, doing the exact same fucking thing… over and over and over and over again. Thinking “This time is gonna be different. No no no, please. This time is gonna be different…” I’m sorry… I don’t like… the way you are looking at me! Okay, do you have a fucking problem in your head, do you think I am bullsitting you, do you think that I am lying? Fuck you! Okay? Fuck you. Its okay, man. I’m gonna chill, hermano. I’m gonna chill… The thing is… alright, the thing is I killed you once already… and it’s not like I’m fucking crazy. Its okay… It’s like water under the bridge.” Much like this monologue that Vaas delivered to Jason in Far Cry 3 in which Vaas was the crazy one and Jason was just there, we’re the ones delivering this speech and we’re the ones that are crazy. We keep buying Ubisoft games. We buy them thinking “This time is gonna be different. No no no, please. This time is gonna be different.” Hoping that this game is when they get their shit together but no. Ubi, eventually you’re gonna realize that this can’t continue, that it WON’T continue because eventually, we’re gonna stop. You’re gonna stop making profits and be forced to make a true game instead of throwing something out there for $60 and knowing you don’t have to bother anymore. Leave the updates to the interns, am I right? Up high Ubi! You can either spend time playing catch up or spend time doing your job. I was ranting about Ubisoft when I was playing Ranked with my friends and one of them asked why I’m so upset. It’s a video game for us but for them it’s a business, their job, the place they work so they don’t end up broke. It’s their lives on the line and they’re treating it like it’s a game. It’s their job to give us entertainment not frustration. This won’t last forever Ubisoft… It will end.

Did I Ever Tell You The Definition… of Insanity?

Stuff That Shouldn’t Exist In Video Games (Angry Rant)

I fucking HATE when I’m playing a video game and you have the ability to get stun locked and can’t do anything about it. I refuse to lose some bullshit fight when this game can’t make it fair. I’m playing Shadow Fight 3 which I just downloaded, I don’t play mobile games. I think they’re overrated and terribly put together. I’m playing the game and there’s this side mission fight that requires you to fight “Snakehead” who passively poisons you the entire fight. I hate when you start to do this clutch and you’re gonna win but then your character just collapses right when you’re about to kill the dude because of that constant poison, thats some shit dude. I don’t like when you play super well but the game puts this stupid fucking disability on you, like fuck dude. I don’t like when you get stun locked, put in a corner, or just in a situation where you CAN’T do anything to win because the AI is cheating the fucking game. I want it to be based off of the skill I know I don’t have not breaking the game’s rules. I mean, I don’t play games competitively and I’m over here about to have a heart attack because this game cheated me. Whatever, I’m burned out now. thnx 4 lisening, l8r sk8rs

Bird Scum (It’s not how it sounds)

I’m not sure if other places do this or if it’s just because of all the douchebags in Texas but have you guys seen those needle like… needles on top of signs for stores? I believe they’re there to keep birds from landing, staying, nesting, resting from their continuous flying, healing from wounds they might have. Like come on guys, why are you hating on birds like this? I’m disgusted by this, time to go throw crap at the store. Kidding but yeah. You guys, kinda scummy.

“Enjoy The Little Things” (Another Video Game Opinion)

A game can be good but not great, like Grand Theft Auto V. It can be fun but not good, like Resident Evil 6. Really, there isn’t a single game that isn’t perfect in this world. (I mean, I say that but “perfect” is an opinion so… that’s not true. But then again, that could not be true because what do we “actually know?” *Throwback to a previous post*) In my opinion, what separates a good game from a great game most of the time are the little details in them. Like in GTA V, you get close to a neon sign and you can hear it buzzing. The Last of Us, if Joel starts bleeding, it’ll go vertically down his face. However, if he’s on his back and he starts bleeding, (like someone tackles him and punches him while on top) the blood will go down the side of his face.  Gravity Baby. Clothes getting wet and drying off, enemies hearing you knock over cans, bottles, that stuff. The extra effort that the developers put in the game that the game didn’t even NEED but they did it because they have a passion for what they do, that’s what separates goodness from greatness… genuine passion.


and gravity baby. I’ll end it here on an abrupt ending cause I gotta go and this works anyways. l8r sk8rs