Janky Animations and I, The On/Off Relationship. (Opinions… That’s All)

I’m HUGE on animations in video games. I love them and I hate them, depends. Whether the game has good animations or bad ones determines how I feel about the video game. It’s not even just bad animations, it’s also animations that are constantly reused. Let’s talk about a game I play made by my favorite video game company… Ubisoft! (I really don’t like them, just in case you couldn’t tell the sarcasm inflicted in these letters.)

Rainbow Six Siege: I like Siege, I hate more stuff in the game than I like, but I still like the game itself. One thing I don’t like, out of many, are the animations. The reloading animations for Jackal’s PDW, Jäger’s 416-C, Ash’s R4C, Twitch’s 417, and I’m sure more, they’re all the same animation. They just reused them because they couldn’t think of anything different or didn’t care enough to at least change them. Plus, the vaulting animation is god awful in my opinion. How about the part where you can’t climb on waist-high objects in the game? You only vault over them! Stupid. If you want to climb on something, you have to catch your character on something so the animation finishes and you’re still on the object. GOD! Ubisoft, come on. Just so you guys know, there are other guns that share animations in this game but I’m too lazy to think of all the guns. I don’t know man, I don’t know.

Dying Light: Dying Light is a free-running zombie game, blah blah blah. I’m kidding. I’ve put several hundreds of hours in the game on the PS4 and Xbox One. Big fan of the game. However, they added new vaulting, climbing, and just parkour animations in the game through the “The Following” expansion. Pluuuuuus, when you reach certain milestones in the Agility skill tree, the animations change and your character performs them faster. I really like the game, idea, and execution of Dying Light. Good job Techland and other guys who worked on it.

There’s an example of a game with animations that are reused and not too good and an example of a game that has amazing animations and doesn’t reuse them. That’s pretty much all I wanted to comment on. I’ll try to write about more right now but I doubt I’ll be able to. l8r sk8rs



“Excuse” That Really Doesn’t Excuse Me So It Really Isn’t 

I apologize for not having made a post in a while and I know I do this at the top of practically every post, I mean do a very shoddy explanation of why I haven’t posted, but I don’t know if I’ve told you guys before about this. I’ve been busy recently, started up online school and I’ve been trying to stay close to my friends now that we aren’t in school together but anyways, I’ve been doing some work for my posts in my notebook on actual paper, I know, how 19th Century right? When I get time and I’m at home because they’re in my closet, I’ll “copy and paste” it, am I right ladies? (The joke was because I was transferring it from paper to computer so it’s kind of impossible, I think. Don’t know though, could be something very simple that I don’t have but yeah.)

That’s all I wanted to tell you (again?) I don’t know if I told you before and I don’t feel like checking. l8r sk8rs

Daily Thoughts (Personal)

So, this post is going to be about the stuff I think about daily and think of at least five examples, yet again, every day. It’s very annoying and I can’t control it, which might be a topic I cover in this post. I know I haven’t done a post in a while but I have been writing in this notebook so I can copy down on this page and post it, except, I haven’t posted them so… yeah. My bad. Anyways, let’s get started on this.

1st Headache: I don’t keep up with the current news on science stuff, mainly because I’m too lazy and prefer to play the same video games I’ve already played five times. Plus, I can’t keep up with this stuff. I mean, you have to be incredibly talented in this field plus care about it if you want to understand what Stephen Hawking is saying. Not like “that” but because he talks about some serious stuff. One thing I remember distinctly about him is when he talked about the existence of an infinite number of universes. (Universei?) I don’t know if this is current, if it was “proven” false, or if what I’m saying is completely wrong but I don’t care. If I look it up and I’m right, I’ll think about this more and get more headaches, something I can’t deal with. Not taking that chance. But I digress. Stephen Hawking once mentioned about how there’s an infinite number of universes, one where one small detail has an entire universe for it. The “K” and the “I” on the keyboard could be replaced and that’s all that’s different. Boom, a whole universe just for that. I could have written this post with my mind. Boom, universe. I could have another finger and type this post faster. Boom, universe. Every day, I look at one thing in my house and think about how there’s an entire universe where that thing is off by a centimeter but it’s not off, it’s exactly where it’s supposed to be and that’s the Boom, universe. That’s what I think about daily. It isn’t just things that are moved but everything that I see. Where I sneeze and there’s a Boom, universe where I didn’t and that’s all. It’s crazy and I hate that I do this. Boom, headache.

2nd Headache: This shouldn’t be too long. I’m mainly explaining it because I’m not sure if you guys will understand what I’m trying to explain. I’m going too far with this. The subject of this headache is synchronization. Like, with clocks. You try to set your microwave and oven clocks at the same time. Even if you hit them both at the same second, how about milliseconds? How about all of the other ‘illiseconds? Never synched with each other. Your phone, watch, actual clock, anything. It’s crazy bro! (That was sarcastic. The “bro” remark, not that it’s crazy.) Even when people count seconds, no one has the same second count. People just think, “You count too slow” or “You count too fast.” For two people who both count fast or slow, it’s still off. Like, come on brain. Boom, headache.

3rd Headache: This one is about knowledge, well, the annoying part where we don’t “know” anything. Even when people say other life, other than stuff on Earth, doesn’t exist, how do you know? I mean, a fact is 100% true but how do we know there aren’t. There could be a 0.00000001% chance that there is alien life but it’s still a chance. A chance that Oxygen is actually a poison that takes around the human lifespan to kill us. That dog’s are actually human and we are actually canines. I mean, these are all words that we came up with to give people some confidence that we know what we are as a species but do we “know?” We still don’t even “know” too much about us, it’s a small chance but the government could know all about us and what we’re able to do with the ultimate power that is being able to control 100% of our brain. I don’t know, you know. There’s still a chance if we do control all of our brain, we don’t get any more power over ourselves. We might die or start mutating. Boom, headache. 

Even though there’s more, I have too much ache in my head right now. l8r sk8rs. 

The Future of This Blog


Let me know if it doesn’t work.

I’ve been gone for about a week, five days to be exact. (That’s counting from my last post to this one.) I won’t lie, the same day I went to ask my friend, who I go to for all my advice, what I should do, she went on a… I’m actually not sure what you would call it but I couldn’t message her until yesterday so it was kinda pointless. The post that I made, however, was not pointless. I received a comment from another blogger who focuses on video games named “LightningEllen,” she gave me exactly what I needed to see… in two sentences so while it was a powerful essay, it was what I was wishing for. (LightningEllen, by the way, fantastic blogger. I follow her and she follows me, I don’t know if she reads my posts and I’m too lazy to check but oh, well. So, for those of you reading this, who aren’t LightningEllen, go check her out. I’ll put a link to her blog at the top so you don’t have to look for it in the middle of the text and you’re more likely to hit it.) She really just gave me reassurance that I should be doing what makes me happy for this blog. So, starting on the next post, which will more than likely be a thoughts post, I will be doing posts on my thoughts. It really helps me to just clear my mind as well as share my opinions. Might do some rants that aren’t as organized and based solely on my opinions. Thanks guys and thanks Ellen.

My Consideration (Something)

My page doesn’t say, I don’t think as I’m writing this, that I only do video game posts and even if it did, I put it there so I can delete it. I’ve been thinking of places where I could post my thoughts and I went through a handful of options before I gave up. I’ve also been thinking about this for a few days so this was about the third time that I thought about this and gave up. Then, hours later, I decided to write my previous post and for the first time, I actually thought about this website and using this. I didn’t want to do it for multiple reasons like, you guys might take my opinions differently if you just knew what I felt a lot of the time, you guys might accidentally come across my Bible or something when you’re looking for my opinion on that new game “Jesus Man Takes An L” and be like, “Okay man. Filter that shit.” I don’t know how to post posts on a specific page and I don’t know if I can or if I can have files for them, ya know? Some reasons that are pretty personal are there as well but, they’re pretty personal so… I’ll give it some more thought and ask for others opinions before I make my decision. If anyone reads this, doubt any will though because I don’t have active viewers, I’d love your opinions on this since you’d have to put up with it. Thanks guys.

Quick Stuff I’ve Been Thinking About (May Contain Opinions, Tread Carefully)

Full of Me Not Knowing Answers About Myself and Me Kinda Going Everywhere. I’ll also apologize for this post being unorganized, I wasn’t trying to make a point in this, just express myself so I just copied what I thought in my head to the computer. Just free-stylin’ ma hizzie.


I’ll admit that I haven’t been one of the most frequent or consistent bloggers out there and I’m sorry about that. I don’t really have an excuse for that besides I was just playing video games and it will probably continue to be like this for a while and, yet again, I’m sorry. I’ve written two posts in-between the last one but still haven’t posted them. Really, they’re practically done and I don’t know why I haven’t ended and posted them yet. I’m fine with the quality, I’m not too big on that stuff as long as I can understand the point(s) I’m trying to make in the text. I don’t know, you guys, I’ve honestly been incredibly inactive on social media and online. More of a hermit lately but it’s not because I don’t want to talk to people or anything but… I just have been. I won’t tell you guys about the future and how this will be because I don’t know but in the way of goals, I can make that work. I’ve been thinking about how I want my opinions to be “shared?” The way you guys and others can see my opinions and I’m happy with it. Honestly, that’s the main point of this blog. It really isn’t for reputation, money, or being known in the community. The most I wish to accomplish with this is to be happy. Kind of serious talk I know but it does help keep me balanced between “Can’t take a joke and takes everything like it’s a Live-or-Die question” and “Wow, something terrible happened to you? Let me say something completely inappropriate or weirdly change the subject to something light-hearted.” It helps me. I want to keep going but this is going to turn into more of an emotional post than an explanation that doesn’t actually explain. That’s pretty much it for now, I might make a post after this talking about some stuff so this doesn’t run on. Thanks guys.

Mad Max (The 2015 Game, Not The Movies) (A Good Amount of Biased Opinions Inside) (They’re Good Movies)

(Not a Review for the Game) 

LET ME TELL YA! I love the Mad Max movies with a passion, the Mad Max series is definitely my favorite series ever. The Road Warrior, which was the second Mad Max movie released in 1981, is my favorite movie ever as well. I have a relationship with the Mad Max series and it’s a good one. Anyways, this isn’t a review as much as it is an appreciation post for the game.

Section About The Game– It was a great game in my opinion. It’s a game that I own on the PS4, Xbox One, and my PC because I love it and need a way to play it no matter what system is down at the time. The game didn’t get nearly enough attention as it deserves because it came out the same day as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and, let’s face it, most gamers are going to shell out $60 for the newest game in the Metal Gear series, not Survive though, over “Sandy Grand Theft Auto.” The worst part is that that’s not what the game is at all. It’s Mad Max but most gamers, who are young, see driving and consider it Grand Theft Auto V because, what else do they know? (GTA V is a different post for a different day) I liked the progression system, the combat, the graphics, the story was… eh, I loved (practically) everything about the game but it was forced to take cover from the money rain behind MGS V and it does annoy me. Max Rockatansky deserves more than what he was left with and there’s not much anyone can do about it, you know? It’s a shame. Appreciation Post -> Pity Party.


                                                                                                                                                          -Paying Respects Till The Next One,